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A special thank you to all who have taken the time to read my posts since my journey began💜💜, and to those who have just joined...Welcome! 🤗

It is my hope that you have already taken the advice to start your very own journey! However, in this post I would like to discuss a very important component of my journey that I did not cover, and that my friends, would be FOOD! Food items and recipes that I will recommend have all helped me with weight loss and maintenance. I personally believe that whatever type of diet you decide on is a personal choice, and is what works best for you and your journey. Add a little self-discipline and some form of movement throughout your day and always remember that Moderation is Key! Your healthcare professional can go into more detail with you about how many calories you should consume in order to practice moderation safely and still see the results.

Moderation is also key when Intermittent Fasting, as what you consume during your feeding window is crucial. I have already expressed the importance of how you break your fast in a previous post, advising that my favorite way to break any fast is to consume fruit especially if you are practicing a longer fast. Throughout the rest of my feeding window I would consume whole grains, healthy carbs (more on this later) protein and lots of different fruits and vegetables.

I personally love cooking, so finding different recipes and trying them out has always been exciting. If you are not as excited as I am about finding new recipes and cooking, you will need to at least explore what works best for you during your journey. I will strongly caution that It is imperative to limit or eliminate your intake of processed foods. I do not even recommend them in moderation. Sorry! 😬

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Respectfully in good health...Robin💜💜

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