How I Lost 30 lbs in Just One Month

The beginning of my weight loss journey like many others who are on any kind of extreme calorie deficit, the initial weight loss was rapid. It really depends on the fasting method you choose, and I will tell you mine in just a second. Digestive health is very important to our overall health, and allowing your digestive system to rest is a key component. In the beginning of my weight loss journey, resetting my digestive system was especially important because of the stomach problems I was having. A 36 hour fast seemed ideal for exactly where I needed to begin my health journey. I fasted for 36-hours once a week for 4 weeks, starting on Sunday night ending on Tuesday morning. I found this method of fasting to be fairly easy, because technically you would only go one full day without food. This is of course something to be done under the advice of a medical professional. I would also recommend working your way up to the 36 hours by starting with a 12 hour fast, 16 hours, 24, and finally, 36.

I know exactly what you are thinking 36-hours without food, but it can be done, and there are lots of resources to help you. I used a ton of online resources such as, YouTube videos, Pinterest, and countless articles on google. Here are a few ideas that helped me through my fast and hopefully will help you to not break your fast during the 36 hour period: Apple Cider Vinegar, I started with 2 tbsp, but I personally hated the taste so I switched to the supplements and had the same effects of being less hungry; Surprisingly lime water is an incredible appetite suppressant; plain water but if you are not a fan of plain water infused water (ex. lime water) is a great option ( Leave a comment for recipe ideas, I have some great ones); I hardly ever consume caffeine now but in the beginning coffee and herbal teas were my best friend; also I never tried it but I heard bone broth is great too!

Benefits that I personally experienced were:

Weight Loss

Better Sleep (believe it or not)

Less Sugar Cravings over time

One other important component of any fast especially a long fast is how you break your fast! I personally love smoothies because the ideal way I believe you should break your fast is with fruit but if fruit is not your thing I would just take it easy on whatever your Break-Fast will be.

As far as the rest of my day I would personally only consume 1000-1200 calories per day, but again, please consult with a medical professional for advice about the number of calories you should be consuming daily.

**One final note regarding the 36 hour fast. Each week after I completed the 36 hour fast and began to consume calories, I practiced 16:8 or 20:4 (fasting hours:feeding windows)**

Fasting hours-water, lime water, coffee or tea without sugar or cream

Feeding windows-calories consumed when not fasting

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