More Beginner Gym Workouts

Updated: Mar 29

My March gym routine is pretty similar to what I did in February. Monday Wednesday and Friday is lower body focused. Tuesday and Thursday is upper body focused. Saturday usually consists of active rest, and Sunday full rest!

Every session is started with stretching for 10-15mins

My abs routine for MTWTF consist of:


  • Weighted SitUps 4*12

  • Russian Twist 4*12

  • Leg raises 4*12

  • Plank Drags 4*6

My lower body focused routine for MWF consist of:

  • Leg kicks back and side each leg 3*10

  • Squat Shuffle 60 30 each direction

  • Weighted bridges 4*12

  • Hip Thrust 4*12

  • Hip Abductors 4*20

  • Sumo squats with weight 4*12

  • Curtsy Lunge with weight 4*12

My upper body routine for TT consist of various weighted exercises.

  • Dumbbell Exercises Seated/Standing 4*12

  • Cable Station 4*12

I usually end all my workout sessions with 20 minutes of cardio/cool down on the elliptical, treadmill or stair master💪🏾

**Always check with your doctor before adding anything to your routine💜💜**

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