My Truth About Carbs

The ketogenic or the low carb diet if done correctly can be pretty intense, but will provide great results, especially if paired with IF (intermittent fasting)!!! Like all of my other post, I am here to share my personal journey. I tried the low carb diet with IF early on in my journey, and like my history with the low carb diet I was pretty unsuccessful. I cannot stress enough that if you are trying to lose weight, it is imperative that you make diet changes that can be carried out for life. Some people can easily eliminate carbs and slowly introduce them back into their diet, and if this is you...adding IF to your balance of carb and protein intake should certainly lead you on a journey toward good health. I personally have a slight obsession with carbs. 😬 So eliminating them only backfires every time I try. My cousin finally opened my closed mind and advised, “you don’t have to cut carbs to lose weight”. I had no choice but to believe her because she has been maintaining her weight for our entire adulthood. So, I decided to do more research on this particular topic and it turns out she was indeed, right. It’s not all about carbs and or protein, it’s about moderation and balance! I don’t know about you, but Weight Loss has never been easy for me, but since changing my approach, the process has been much easier. I stopped thinking short term and started thinking long term with a moderate and balanced lifestyle. This is my journey and my truth about carbs! 🤗

Respectfully in good health...Robin💜💜

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