Supplements for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance!

Throughout my weight loss journey and now that I am trying to maintain my weight supplements have been essential!

Some of the supplements I have taken and still do are:


Apple Cider Vinegar

Cranberry Pills

Vitamin C

Sea Moss

I have been taking a multi-vitamin for years now off and on but now I prioritize this supplement daily to ensure that I am getting the necessary nutrients throughout the day. It is important to try and to make sure your diet also incorporates necessary nutrients for optimal health.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the first supplements I started taking to aid in my weight loss journey. If you can get past the taste of this supplement it can provide so many benefits and one that I personally benefited from was weight loss. This was reached through the ACV acting as a appetite suppressant. When I would practice my 36-hour fast this would be a key component in helping me get through my fast.

I started taking cranberry pills after reading the potential benefits that they could offer for your reproductive health. I have not been taking them that long to really notice any change in my reproductive health.

Vitamin C is my secret weapon for clear skin. Once I started a consistent skin care routine and added Vitamin C my skin has literally been glowing!

Sea Moss has 92 minerals that support a healthy heart, helps your immune system, also aids your digestive system! I personally experienced weight loss and it really did boost my energy when I would add it to my morning smoothie. I consume the sea moss in the form of a gel that I make myself.

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